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Pedagogy refers to the study of teaching approaches and how they affect learners. A carefully considered pedagogy is essential in enabling students to learn more effectively and can help them develop high-order thinking skills and attitudes and attributes of being a lifelong learner. There are four common forms of pedagogy: social (education as supporting social development), critical (deconstructing normative perspectives), culturally responsive (encouraging the sharing of diverse backgrounds and experiences) and Socratic (developing intellectual and social skills to live in a democratic society).

It is believed that the classrooms with explicit and implicit social emotional learning programme for educators and students impacts their wellbeing in a positive manner. Research clearly demonstrates that integrating social-emotional learning (SEL) into the classroom is good for both students and the adults who work with them. The relationship between teachers and students is at the heart of learning, and most teachers intuitively know this. Research has shown that students who experience a caring relationship with a teacher are more motivated to learn, and, hence, they enjoy school more and demonstrate greater academic success. The practice of SEL can bring this relationship to teachers’ conscious awareness, helping them to intentionally cultivate positive relationships with students.

Rita Pierson has rightly said that “Every kid needs a champion” and every educator who is equipped with the understanding of Social Emotional Learning has a potential be that champion for the students.

This website of ours is an attempt to provide a platform to the educators to access resources related to SEL to make their classroom connections strong.

The e-content and the resources curated and shared is to help educators use age-appropriate activities and e content for their classrooms and read articles that help them to enhance their understanding of SEL.

Team Wellbeing Mantra that comprises of two passionate and caring educators Ms. Gunjan Tomar and Ms. Vineeta Garg who believe in making the world a better and peaceful place for all by equipping the educators of today with appropriate SEL skills to shape the future of tomorrow.



Mrs Gunjan Tomar


Mrs Vineeta Garg

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