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Inclusive Classrooms- Redefining Education through AI and Human Connection

We got the opportunity to conduct a session on "Inclusive Classrooms: Redefining Education through AI and Human Connection," organized by the Global Citizenship Foundation

Had a great learning session about #InclusiveEducation and explored how leveraging technology and AI can address the diverse learning needs of students. , how #ChatGPT and #Bard, combined with responsible digital citizenship, are transforming the education paradigm by making learning possible and accessible for all learners.

A heartfelt thank you to the De Pedagogics team and Meenakshi Uberoi for recommending my name and making this opportunity possible! Let's continue to champion inclusive and innovative education. #EducationRevolution #TechInEducation #GlobalCitizenship #DigitalLearning #InnovationInTeaching #EduLeadership

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